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Private Providers

By Daniel | June 1, 2020
Inspection Report

Private Providers are a significant benefit to Florida property owners and developers who are seeking to save time and money in the design and construction process…

Permit Permission

By Daniel | December 7, 2018
Building Permit

Potential clients call to discuss their projects on a routine basis. Most of the conversations are similar. They almost always ask about experience, timing and pricing. Often, people who have had prior experience with their local Building Officials would ask some form of this question: “Have you ever dealt with the AnyCity, USA building department? […]

Treat Yo Self!

By Daniel | August 22, 2018

We spend our days, and often nights, working to help other people. The clients that we serve are out there doing the same for the needs of their clients and customers. Over the past few months we have thought a lot and have decided that a change is necessary so that we can continue to […]